Roads influence on the life of modern society and determine the paths of future development. The way society relate to roads, and the way roads relate to nature, reflects the way society relate to its environment and itself. Responsible decision-making, based on new technologies of planning and design, as well as construction based on modern techniques of materialisation of these projects, will turn good ideas to even better road infrastructure. These irrefutable facts form the main topics of the forthcoming congress:

•         Planning and Design

•         Construction and Maintenance of Roads and Structures

•         Road Management

•         Transport, ITS and New Technologies

•         Road Traffic Safety

•         Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

We invite national and international experts on the given topics, to share their knowledge, experience and vision with the congress participants. Participation fees are at the same level as at the previous Congress (with scale discount for early payment).

[ PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAIL: office@kongresoputevima.rs ]

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